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Fleischer Cembalo

Fleischer Cembalo

Carl Conrad Fleischer worked at Hamburg in the first half of the 18th century. The construction style of his instruments is based on the Flemish tradition, but the round tail is typical of German instruments. There are two small single manual harpsichords by Carl Conrad Fleischer, in Hamburg (Museum Fur ...) and another in the Stibbert Museum in Florence. The two instruments are twins, but now they appear very different as both have been redecorated, the Hamburg instrument in a 19th century style common in redecorated harpsichords, the Florence instrument in a quasi italiane style. The originals have 2 8' registers and a 4' register with the stop levers on the wrestplank in German style. The range of the originals is 4 octaves chromatic C-c''', my version has two notes added C-d'''. The instrument is available with or without the 4' register. The natural keys of my instrument are of bone instead of the original ivory.

Hörbeispiel Fleischer Cembalo:
registers: 8'
registers: 8'+8'